Avmin contributes R2 million to South African political parties

10 March 2004

Anglovaal Mining Limited (‘Avmin’) is contributing R2 million to political parties in support of democracy in South Africa.

Rick Menell, chairman, commented: “Since 1994 we have supported the democratic process through voter education and logistical assistance. As South Africa’s democracy matures and celebrates its 10th anniversary and third national election, the Avmin board has resolved that we can best promote a vibrant culture of democracy by making, for the first time, direct contributions to political parties.”

“We will provide our support to major parties that have demonstrated an effective voice in parliament, and focus on national parliamentary elections when vital issues facing the nation are debated publicly in the most effective manner. ”

“Since Avmin represents, through its employees, shareholders and suppliers a broad cross-section of South Africans, we will best reflect the views of all our stakeholders by donating R2 million to potential parties that achieved more than one percent of the vote in the last general election, in proportion to their electoral support.”

The list of political parties and their respective contributions received are contained in the list below:

Political Party % of total vote achieved during the previous election % of total vote in proportion to each other, exceeding 1% Amounts to be donated (Rands)
ANC 66.4 69.0 1 380 000
DP 9.6 9.9 200 000
IFP 8.6 8.9 180 000
NNP 6.9 7.1 140 000
UDM 3.4 3.6 70 000
ACDP 1.4 1.5 30 000
Total Votes 96.3 100 2 000 000
Source: The Independent Electoral Commission

Contact details:
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General Manager � Investor Relations Anglovaal Mining

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