Joint press release by Assmang and Spoornet

11 March 2005

Assmang to expand iron ore exports
Spoornet and Assmang, the iron ore miner and exporter in the Northern Cape, have concluded negotiations regarding export capacity on the Orex rail line to Saldanha Bay, and announce jointly that the company’s iron ore export allocation is to increase substantially by 2009/10.

Transnet announced in the past week that the capacity on the Orex rail line would increase from the current 29 million to about 41 million tons per annum by 2009/10, which will be adequate to cope with Assmang’s envisaged expansion. Assmang is currently exporting about 6 million tons per annum, and it plans to increase exports of its iron ore to about 10 m tons per annum by 2010.

Assmang is conducting a feasibility study to expand its iron ore export capacity by establishing a new mine, at an estimated cost of R1,5 to R2,0 billion, on the farms Bruce, King and Mokaning (�BKM Mine�) adjacent to Kumba’s Sishen Mine. The BKM mine will substantially replace its current Beeshoek Mine near Postmasburg. The BKM Mine is scheduled to export about 10 million tons per annum by 2010 and an increase to an estimated 15 million tons per annum is envisaged by 2015. This latter phase of the expected increase in export volumes from 10 to 15 million tons per annum is the subject of a current feasibility study by Transnet to increase the Orex capacity beyond 41 million tons per annum.

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