Modikwa Platinum Mine achieves 5 000 000 Fatality Free Shifts

29 April 2009

On 10 March 2009, Modikwa Platinum Mine joined the ranks of a select few mines in South Africa when it achieved 5 000 000 fatality free shifts. This marks a period of nearly three years without a fatal accident occurring on the mine.

Sean O’Connor, Business Leader at Modikwa, attributes this huge achievement to the diligent adherence to safety standards, and the practice of one Modikwa’s core values, namely caring for each other. He added that excellent communication and a good understanding of the reduction of risks and the elimination of unsafe acts, amongst both employees as well as Unions and Associations, contributed to their success.

“Ultimately the reward for this performance goes to the Modikwa employees in that they have not injured themselves, and secondly, by making Modikwa a safe mine to work at, the employees enjoy the benefits”, said Sean.

“Avoiding fatal accidents starts with reducing the number of incidents and lost time injuries. This in turn reduces the serious injuries and the ones that can easily become fatal accidents. It has therefore been an all round improvement in the general safety on the mine”, he concluded.

To date the number of incident free days per month at Modikwa have already exceeded 70%.

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