Modikwa Platinum Mine achieves 7 million fatality free shifts

22 September 2010

Modikwa Platinum Mine achieves 7 million fatality free shifts

The Modikwa Management Team is pleased to announce that at 14:00 on 21 September 2010, Modikwa Platinum Mine achieved 7 000 000 consecutive fatality free man shifts.

This achievement has taken Modikwa 53 months to achieve and through it the operation is continuing to set a benchmark for the platinum mining industry.

Through teamwork from the Modikwa management team and labour representatives in ensuring the Mine’s core ideology of �Caring for our People’, as well as the full commitment of the Modikwa employees and contractors to total compliance safety strategies, this achievement has been possible.

Coupled with the dedication shown towards the elimination of unsafe acts and conditions, the abovementioned factors have pushed Modikwa beyond what is commonly accepted as unreachable, and has made the vision of �Zero Injuries’ achievable.

Through the continuation of a zero mindset towards injuries, the prevention of reoccurrence of injuries and compliance to set safety standards and rules, Modikwa will continue to lead the industry in injury prevention and beyond as we set the next milestone of 8 000 000 Fatality Free Shifts towards the end of June 2011.