Modikwa Platinum Mine achieves 8 million fatality free shifts

21 June 2011

The Modikwa Management Team is pleased to inform you that at 14:00 on 21st June 2011 Modikwa Platinum Mine reached a milestone that has never before been seen in this industry by achieving


All employees and contractors at Modikwa have over the past 63 months continuously worked with safety as their first and foremost concern, in doing so they have converted their �Passion� into this wonderful achievement, thus ensuring that any person who works at Modikwa can honestly say that they will return home to their families and loved ones at the end of their shift without harm.

We follow a fairly simple strategy at Modikwa to drive our safety performance, and it hinges on the three concepts of a Zero Mindset, No Repeats and Simple Standards. Now that we have achieved this, our greatest challenge is to work harder to maintain consistent improvement.

An achievement of this nature is the result of dedicated leadership, unconditional commitment from the labour organizations and sustained effort on the part of everyone on the mine, and is a justifiable cause for pride and satisfaction. Every employee and contractor deserves the highest praise for their conscious effort to preserve safety in the mine and that of their fellow workers.

Through this achievement we are continuing to set a benchmark for the platinum mining industry!

It is through empathy and teamwork from our Management team and Labour representatives in ensuring our core ideology of Caring for our people, and the full commitment of our employees and contractors to our total compliance safety strategies, coupled to the dedication shown by them towards the elimination of unsafe acts and conditions that has pushed us beyond what is commonly accepted as the unreachable and made this possible, and the vision of Zero injuries achievable.

Through the continuation of a zero mindset towards injuries, prevention of reoccurrence of injuries, and compliance to set safety standards and rules, Modikwa will continue to lead the industry in injury prevention and beyond as we reach our next milestone of 9 000 000 Fatality Free Shifts towards the end of March 2012.

Modikwa FFS ceremony Modikwa FFS ceremony Modikwa FFS ceremony Modikwa FFS ceremony Modikwa FFS ceremony