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The board provides strategic direction and leadership, monitors the implementation of business and strategic plans, and approves capital funding for these plans to support a sustainable business.

Board of directors



Our strategy is supported by high standards of corporate governance, which we review regularly to ensure robust reporting, strong relationships with our stakeholders and to align our businesses with global good practice.

We understand that adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance is fundamental to the sustainability of our business. Our business practices are conducted in good faith, in the interests of the company and all its stakeholders, with due regard for the principles of good corporate governance.

Social and ethics committee members:

  • Dr RV Simelane (Chairman)
  • J A Chissano
  • AK Maditsi
  • DC Noko
  • JC Steenkamp

Remuneration committee members:

  • AD Botha (Chairman)
  • TA Boardman
  • AK Maditsi

Non-executive directors committee members:

  • AK Maditsi (Chairman)
  • M Arnold
  • F Abbott
  • TA Boardman
  • AD Botha
  • JA Chissano
  • WM Gule
  • P Mnisi
  • DC Noko
  • Dr RV Simelane
  • JC Steenkamp

Nomination committee members:

  • AK Maditsi (Chairman)
  • JA Chissano
  • Dr RV Simelane

Investment committee members:

  • DC Noko (Chairman)
  • F Abbott
  • M Arnold
  • TA Boardman
  • AD Botha
  • AK Maditsi
  • JC Steenkamp

Audit and risk committee members:

  • TA Boardman (Chairman)
  • AD Botha
  • AK Maditsi
  • Dr RV Simelane
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1994 February
Dr Patrice Motsepe starts Future Mining
2001 March
Creation of Modikwa Platinum, a joint venture with Anglo Platinum
2002 May
ARMgold Limited lists on the JSE (market cap of R5 billion)
2003 September
ARMgold merger with Harmony Gold
2003 November
Range of transactions initiated between Avmin, ARMI and Harmony resulting in the formation of ARM and enlargement of Harmony
2004 May
African Rainbow Minerals created upon completion of the merger transaction
2005 January
2 x 2010 organic growth strategy introduced
2005 February
Nkomati joint venture with Lion Ore (currently Norilsk Nickel)
2005 November
TEAL lists on Toronto Stock Exchange
2006 March
TEAL lists on JSE
2006 May
Nchwaning Manganese Mine commissioned
2006 July
ARM Coal established with JV partner Xstrata Coal South Africa
2006 August
Two Rivers Platinum Mine commissioned
2007 March
ARM included in JSE/FTSE Top 40
2007 May
Khumani Iron Ore Mine commences mining operations
2007 August
Nkomati Nickel Interim Plant commissioned
2007 October
ARM pays maiden dividend
2008 June
Khumani Iron Ore Mine – 6 Mtpa expansion start-up capital approved
2008 June
ARM market capitalisation reaches R59 billion (US$8 billion)
2009 March
Conclusion of ARM/Vale joint venture transaction
2010 June
ARM achieves its 2 x 2010 growth strategy by doubling production in portfolio of commodities
2010 August
ARM and Vale approve release of Konkola North Copper Mine in Zambia
2010 November
ARM BBEE Trust announces fourth dividend distribution of R10.2 million to beneficiaries
2011 August
ARM certified as Best Employer South Africa 2011/12
2011 November
Launch of sponsored Level 1 American Depository Receipt Programme
2011 November
ARM BBEE Trust announces further R23 million dividend distribution to beneficiaries
2022 September
ARM acquisition of Bokoni Platinum Mine